On the afternoon of October 31st, in Foshan China, Viewgres launched a brand new porcelain tile in 3cm thickness, an anti-slip Granite series with multi-thickness, as well as View-Joint. Moreover, Viewgres defined “Unglazed Ink-jet Porcelain” new technology. The revolutionary 3cm porcelain tile, as the perfect substitute of natural stone, rocked the show.

On October 31st, the 2018 VIEWGRES LAUNCH EVENT was held in Marco Polo Hotel. During the conference, Viewgres launched three new products -- the Granite series, View-Joint, and 3cm-thickness porcelain tile. With its innovative technology, craftsmanship, and stunning design, Viewgres has earned much favorable comments and praise.



Viewgres proudly introduced the new revolutionary technology of Unglazed Ink-jet Porcelain, which will absolutely bring a new round of innovation in the industry. To apply 0.5mm~1mm-thick porcelain ultra-fine powders on the porcelain body, then with ink-jet printing and texture technology, Unglazed Ink-jet Porcelain tech can reach to under 5 degree of gloss. Viewgres Unglazed Ink-jet Porcelain, has the characteristics of 0.5-1mm porcelain ultra-fine powders, less than 5 degrees’ matte effect, three-dimensional ink-jet printing and texture. In particular, its core technological breakthrough of high abrasion resistance (PEI class 5) can solve the need of abrasion resistance of the public space with high traffic such as airport, station and shopping mall.



Why Viewgres develop 3cm? The Viewgres CEO Yao sincerely answered below.

Over the past ten years, the 2cm porcelain tile, has replaced the 70% traditional stone pavement market in Europe. Based on this change, the potential of the stone-look porcelain tile is huge. In addition, a simpler paving procedure is also an important demand of the market. In some low-lying countries, such as the Netherlands, stones need to be dug up every few years to be re-filled and compacted. Compared to such a cumbersome project, the paving process of porcelain tile is relatively simpler.

The stone-look porcelain tile is usually used in outdoor scenes, which requires higher breaking strength. The Viewgres 3cm has achieved the breaking strength of 30,000 Newton. What’s more, Viewgres 3cm is full body, using renewable material in production. In the future, Viewgres will be committed to the development of porcelain tile in 3cm thickness, mainly satisfying the need for outdoor paving. With the same texture of natural stone, or even exceed it, Viewgres 3cm porcelain tile would be infinitely close to or even better than natural stone.


Renew of the Granite

Viewgres also launched an anti-slip Granite series with multi-thickness of 1cm, 2cm and 3cm.

The supply of natural stone products has declined sharply, and the purchase of stone materials has also declined from 0.42 billion in 2012 to 0.24 billion in 2016. Even some stone products are directly out of stock in the market. So many our clients of real estate companies have gone to Viewgres for the granite look porcelain tile, which driven Viewgres to renew the granite system. To recreate the granite products by porcelain tile in 2cm and 3cm thickness, to represent the best texture of natural granite, is, as always, Viewgres standard of product development. 

The Viewgres granite system products have the following characteristics:

1) Restore the characteristic of natural granite to great extent.

2) Full range of colors, originated from the natural granite.

3) Multiple thickness combination, lower the overall cost.

4) Compared with the performance of natural granite, Viewgres 3cm has more advantages: full body porcelain tile, ultra-low water absorption rate, high breaking strength which is triple to granite, anti-slip = mandatory acceptance index, high abrasion resistance which is the guarantee of project standard.


VIEW JOINT, the Outdoor joint filling sand

Based on the current situation of domestic project of joint filling, Viewgres also generously presented VIEW JOINT, the latest outdoor sealant.

With the purpose of more beautiful and more convenient, Xavier, the Viewgres VP introduced VIEW JOINT as a high-tech sand, which is composed of sand + alumina cement + (15% ~ 20%) high polymer mixture. VIEW JOINT is especially suitable to fill the narrow gap when for paving the stone or porcelain tile outdoor, such as lane, terrace, garden path, etc..

Not only replacing the insufficiency of traditional cement mortar joint, avoiding the common phenomenon of cement alkali rehydration, VIEW JOINT also provides 4 color choices of gray, beige, ivory and black. More importantly, VIEW JOINT has a warranty of 15 years.

Viewgres 3cm, with high quality, and demanding beauty, presents a perfect solution in outdoor construction. Viewgres, will keep pursuing to extreme, providing the best outdoor porcelain and solutions all over the world.



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